Insights Engine

Advanced AI applied to enterprise use cases to
bring a holistic search and discovery solution
for your clients and organization.

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recommendation engine

Today’s customers are more inclined to “customer self-service” and research fixes to product issues without having necessarily to interact with a customer service representative.

Doqume uses proprietary ML and NLP algorithms to help your users find the right articles to resolve the issue at hand.

semantic search

Handling of synonyms and acronyms is often a known limit of legacy search systems. Semantic handling ensures that your search will include terms that hold the same meaning.

E.g. when researching companies that fall within the field of “NLP”, your users want to save time ensuring that results also include mentions of the term’s full form “Natural Language Processing”.

entity disambiguation

Doqume performs real-time semantic analysis of texts to capture the actual meaning of words based on the surrounding context.

Disambiguated elements are used to empower various functions including text categorization by topic, advanced filtering and extraction of insights.

knowledge base

Doqume connects multiple sources of data to populate its knowledge base which today consists of over 50M entities.

This collected knowledge can be exported to deliver information that covers all areas of human knowledge with a focus on scientific and market domains.