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We want to revolutionize the way knowledge workers access data and information: easily customizable natural language tech and AI to discover what matters the most in your unique use case.

Our Products

Insights Engine

Advanced AI applied to enterprise use cases to bring a holistic search and discovery solution for your clients and organization.

Competitive Intelligence

Doqume builds competitive intelligence for accelerators and VCs aggregating millions of key data points and insights on startups, markets, and technologies.

Text Analysis

Extract data from unstructured text and use it for advanced content categorization, filtering, and recognition of entities and insights.


Query our knowledge base for 50 million entities and relationships, and data about life sciences, companies, private equity, cryptocurrencies and much more.

We tailor our knowledge-base to unique needs for information to make Doqume your comprehensive knowledge resource.

Who can Benefit from our Research Engine

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Startup Accelerators
Private equity

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Research Engine

Doqume extracts and organizes information in meaningful ways to help organizations keep up with the discovery of trends and new knowledge.

Extraction of topics and entities meets an advanced tool for research to help organizations find non-obvious relationships among target entities.