The Intelligent Research Platform

We help organizations automate the building of knowledge around domains that enable decision-making, profitability, and productivity.

Your Research Platform

Knowledge-workers across industries and business functions use up major parts of their day doing research on new data and information.

We build AI that supports Human Intelligence through self-constructing knowledge databases.

Our platform is organized to answer questions relevant to your organization. We do that while also saving you money and resources on obtaining and maintaining knowledge that enables your decision-making.

Doqume is not another data aggregator or search engine

Doqume is designed to give you a superior experience in supporting your data and information discovery. No more time-consuming searches, dozens of tabs open at once, boolean search strings, or re-reading of the same piece of content.

We bring together the best technological advances in A.I., text understanding and intelligent search to build a platform for those who value having instant access to relevant knowledge for the task at hand.

Doqume comes with advanced features that make you be at your best when doing research. Intelligent Query Tool, self-constructing knowledge bases, Knowledge Auditing, Smart Alerting, A.I. powered Research Engines, Insights from media and social networks. And more.

Identify key facts

Doqume identifies valuable insights and key facts from the analysis of millions of sources online and offline, as well as from open datasets, news, social media, and much more.

Our proprietary Text Understanding algorithms help locate, verify and publish key information modeled around any number of domains.

Data auditing

Consuming information that spans across topics and various resources means working with a corpus of knowledge difficult to validate.

We use machine and human processes to develop fact-auditing technology for uncovering contradicting or unreliable insights.

Built around your workflow

When it comes to consuming information we all have our personal preferences and methods to make us more efficient.

That is why we design and organize Doqume's knowledge resources in ways that fit your specific work-flow.

Research company relationships

Our product for startup accelerators, VC and private equity allows for the tracking of companies of any size, industry or location.

This includes high-tech, fast-paced and pre-market fit startups, as well as any businesses that would typically be difficult to track.

We organize key insights on companies and map their operating ecosystem, technology, social media, as well as their relationship to other companies, e.g. suppliers, clients, investors, similar companies, etc.

Our Products

Research Platform

Discover and research with our self-constructing intelligent knowledge bases.


Enrich your data with Doqume’s datasets and enable text understanding through our API.

Research platform

Find out how AI can help automate your research, while also keeping key knowledge organized and accessible from within a single platform.


Query our knowledge base for 50 million entities and relationships, and data about life sciences, companies, private equity, cryptocurrencies and much more.

We tailor our knowledge-base to unique needs for information to make Doqume your comprehensive knowledge resource.

Research Engine

Doqume extracts and organizes information in meaningful ways to help organizations keep up with the discovery of trends and new knowledge.

Extraction of topics and entities meets an advanced tool for research to help organizations find non-obvious relationships among target entities.

Who can benefit from our Research Platform

Learn how Doqume can give your organization an edge by making you and your team more productive.

Life sciences
Startup Accelerators
Private equity

APIs for data enrichment and text understanding

Access our APIs to:

  • Leverage Doqume's datasets to enrich your data

  • Integrate Doqume's datasets with classic CRMs

  • Build with our Text Understanding technology

  • Deep Learning models for knowledge discovery (semantic, insights, sentiment, topic mapping)